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we are the others. they are us
Get Out Clause
Who would have thought eating a Penguin bar would be such a life changing experience?
Black Dawn
In a near future, England is in the throe of a civil war between an international capitalist junta and a left wing rebellion. Paul, a young man whose parents had been killed wants to join the rebellion. his handlers hope to convince him to kill on elf the man responsible for the death of his parents. Paul is torn between his thirst for revenge and the reality of killing a man.
device of detachment
Return from Afghanistan... an intimate study of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Official selection of Barcelona Human rights Festival, 2011
My Name is Arkan
When a man walk into a police station in Srebrenica, claiming to be the long- dead serbian warlord Arkan, everybody fears the re-ignition of the war. The UN send a bright young forensic psychologist to uncover the truth. What Doctor Mallaury discovers is a sad tale of delusion, anger and loneliness.