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TM  number stations REDUX
When the number stations awaken the sleepers.
Tantalus  variation 1
A big tragedy on a small scale. Music Hildegard von Bingen
burn  baby  burn
Abstract yet familiar shapes and locations, creates a chasm in the everyday environment, an aperture where our perceptions are challenged. the sonic environment accentuate the departure from the "real" yet is anchored in the reality of the language. Words spoken by an old irish tinker who used to come and drink coffee in the bar where I worked, explaining his theory of DNA.
post apocalyptic renovation   we ll all be dead in 2 days time
once we are all dead who will renovate our houses?
FiAt LUx
A confused "Origin of the Species'
Nous Pretons
Not only bankers are dishonest, they are incapable too. In here they are selling the same old shit as they always did; borrow, borrow, borrow, spend, spend, spend all under the disguise of "advice" and that was back in 1971 and when Salvador Dali lend his voice, you get the extra kudos....
i am a menace  hommage to Dec Francis
We are a menace, when our opinions are straying too far from the consensus. We are a menace to ourselves and others when our brain starts to loiter in the dark corners of our childhood.
train dreamland
Is it getting there or going somewhere that matters?
the 4 stages of schizophrinia
How do we perceive mental health issues? This piece explore our common representations of mental illness, mix of informations, random speeches, unnatural voices. yet the images are peaceful and serene. It is in this gap, this fracture that this video inserts itself. We see a problem where there might not be.
a semi narrative reflexion on travel
Travelling has always been a moment for pause, reflection and day-dreaming, cut out of the world, in transit between places, trains always had a magical appeal, a haven of quietness, a place for furtive looks. This video proposes a multi-journey through England, both rural and urban. Despite mobiles, laptop and iPads, travelling always appeal to the explorer inside us.