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home documentaries experimental music videos short films
A short trailer for the CBSO playing the music of AR Rhaman, filmed in the Symphony Hall, Birmingham
Poole Pottery Video
A marketing video for Poole Pottery in Stoke-on-Trent. Poole is one of the major ceramics manufacturer in England. Their ware is carefully crafted and hand painted. A century-old industry in this part of the Black country in the Midlands around Birmingham.
High Noon   Simon Patterson exhibitions at Ikon Gallery  Birmingham
A retrospective of early work of Simon Patterson. From the "Richard Burton-Liz Taylor" Diptych to the Orgasmic Watch/ High Noon, Simon Patterson comments on his work in this interview/ documentary produced for the Ikon Gallery. An insight into the early works and thoughts of a major contemporary artist.
When the sky was sea  Shimabuku for the Ikon Gallery   Birmingham  2005
An experimental film documenting japanese artist Shimabuku's Installation in Birmingham in 2005. the public was invited to fly traditionnal japanese kites in the form of fish or octopi, creating a moment when the sky is turned to sea and natural order reversed.
we will burn brightly and fade into darkness
An experimental documentary exploring the effects of dementia and how the brain processes information once the disease sets in. A reflection on growing old and the slow but steady retreat within oneself.
Pillar Form
Laura Ellen Bacon response to the architecture of Lichfield Cathedral, Using willows , she creates intimate, organic shapes that contrast and echo with the solemnity and grandeur of the chapter of Lichfield Cathedral, bringing some organic materials to an otherwise stone and cold environment.
Rule Britannia
a short quirky documentary about my first (and only) visit to a bingo hall. Before the smoking ban..
Simon Patterson  winterbourne garden intervention
Filmed for the Ikon Gallery, Simon Patterson intervention in Winterbourne Garden in Birmingham.